Steven, Captain Americat, Ear Re-Piercer.

Ladies and gentlemen, FUCK TODAY!
This morning, I ruined a shirt in the wash, I will have to return two cardigans because they’re hand wash only and I have a fucking life and no time to waste hand washing clothes!  Vin got massacred at the dentist earlier and now has an acute asthma attack from helping me bathe Steven and I think I forgot some shit… Oh yes! And I burned my finger on the toaster.
Steven, Captain Americat needed a bad. He needed one badly. So I put on my bathing suit and we drew a bath and we proceeded to wash him. He objected. He somehow managed to get his claw stuck in my piercing and rip the back of my earlobe to shreds TWICE!!!! So I won’t be able to wear earrings for months until it is perfectly healed and I can get it re-pierced. 
I didn’t upload a picture of the back; you don’t wanna see.
In all fairness, great stuff did happen today but the bad stuff made me cranky and I needed to vent.
Dr. Steven Strangecat, the clean asshole who shreds ears and takes names or whatever…

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