Just looking into your eyes…

…I can tell you have the legs of a writer.

I have a yeast infection. Yes. I said yeast infection. I started this blog entry with a funny line to lull you into a false sense of comfort so I could tell you there is fungi growing in my vagina.


I’m tired and I feel ugly. I am bloated and my vagina is irritated. My bra is constricting my chest but no bra means boob pain. I may be ovulating or maybe it’s the time for my period but having had a hysterectomy several years ago, I have no fucking clue which or if it is even either of those things. For all I know this is just some FREE BONUS BLOATING AND VAGINAL IRRITATION special my body is having this week. I’m a woman. C’est la vie. Woohoodooduhleedoo!


I love the internet. I can come on the internet and discuss my yeast infection. If I walked up to a table full of strangers at Starbucks and started talking about my vagina, I would probably end up wearing a unicorn frappachino. It’s just as well since I am allergic to dairy… and the last thing I need after being brutalized by strangers in a coffee shop on a day where I feel bloated and ugly, is to end up in the hospital’s shock unit being pumped full of medication.

Yeah… really love the internet.

Know what I am doing right now? Do you want to know? Well fuck you! I’m telling you anyway! I’m cooking calf liver. I braised it in blood orange infused extra virgin olive oil and then drizzled thick syrupy expresso infused balsamic vinegar. It’s now simmering in a little bit of beef broth. It’s gonna be awesome!

So, let’s re-cap: I have a yeast infection and I am eating liver on purpose. I wonder how else I can gross you out…

Did you know that, initially, this post was going to be about fibromyalgia pain? Things don’t always go according to plans…


One Comment Add yours

  1. auntikrist says:

    Sorry about your lady parts being in revolt, but I think liver for dinner should help ameliorate some of the pain,…… maybe. I do love me some liver and onions. They always make me feel better. ❤


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