It’s Monday. I don’t care if it’s Tuesday; it’s Monday.

Every single time we have a long weekend, I start it with good intentions of productivity, not going to bed too late, getting up early, getting things done! Every single time, I go to bed at 1:00 AM on the first night and every night after that. Every single time I get bad sleep and not nearly enough of it. Every single time I accomplish maybe one tenth of what I wanted to do. Every single time I go to bed too late on the last night and drift off to sleep, thinking of how productive I am going to be the next day. Every single time I spend that first day watching Netflix and playing World of Warcraft. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!

Mondays, even when they come a day late and change their name to Tuesday (you don’t fool us for one freakin minute, Monday!), suck.

And I was all set to go on a long tirade about why they sucked but then I went to get a glass of Pinot Noir and noticed how inviting my bean bag chair looked on the balcony so I grabbed my glass and my pussies and I went to sit in the sun! And now I feel like a profoundly happy animal. So yeah… Mondays suck… unless they don’t.



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