Piss and vinegar


Fuck stomach ulcers. Fuck my doctor being on vacation till the end of the month. Fuck Donald Trump (BUT NOT FOR REAL!!!!). Fuck winter. Fuck money. Fuck my low self-esteem. Fuck anxiety. Fuck depression. Fuck bad dreams. Fuck OCD. Just fuck. Ok? Ok.

Human interactions are so complicated, sometimes I wonder if it’s all worth the cost to my heart.

I wish I had Jenny Lawson’s courage to talk openly about the run ins I have with people in my life. But I am sooooooooo terrified of offending people and them abandoning me for it.

I get so goddamn clingy. It’s so humiliating.

My head is… well… a mess… Like this:


Ideas are speeding down the highway and my wind turbine (you know the one, the one we all have in our heads) makes a giant fucking mess. And it’s tumultuous and it pops out randomly in my consciousness and I suddenly want to share and I either post on FB or I chatter at a friend on FB messenger. It all can get pretty overwhelming for my poor friends!

I need someone I can randomly chatter at… any volunteers? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Wow… just re-read this entry… I sound… like a bi-polar lunatic.


I’m gonna go back to saying fuck *insert random thing here* for a bit… but not on the internet.


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