5 Months…


So it’s been five months since I last posted something in my blog. Five months during which a lot happened. I did a lot of healing… but that means I also did a lot of hurting, crying, doubting, losing hope. But I made it! I made it and now I am ready to speak again.

I’ve felt ready for a few days but felt trapped… locked inside… unsure of where to start… unsure of what to write. And then Lu came and gave me another little push. And by little push I mean he “yelled” (in chat) at me to do it do it do it!!!

So I started doing it. I’m flexing the writing muscle. I have two documents open; one for brainstorming and one for a writing exercise I did today. The brainstorming is disjointed and written in shorthand (I mean it as a figure of speech.) but I like capturing all those little ideas that float past my consciousness! Most of it is probably pure crap, but if I write everything, I will capture the good too!

I’ll be posting some of these writing exercises. I welcome comments and criticism.

p.s. I’ll try to sit down and write about my therapy and my progress over the next few days and weeks. It’s not easy stuff to talk about.



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