Songs I wish Luciano Rosso would do as playbacks.

Do you know Luciano Rosso?

Yes? Gooooood! *high five*

No? What dark and miserable part of the internet have you been hiding in?

This is Luciano Rosso:

Now there is a LOT more to this man than just these playbacks, and I strongly invite you to look up more videos of him on YouTube and discover his dancing, Urraka, his singing (there are two videos floating around if you have the patience to scroll through the many pages of search results) and his acting.

I decided to make this post with links to songs I wish he’d do after my husband and I exclaimed for the umpteenth time that this or that song would “make an epic playback for Luciano!”. So here they are (and I will edit the post to add songs as they come up), the songs I thing Señor Rosso could turn into masterpieces! Insert winking smiley here!

These two M (Mathieu Chedid) songs are here because Luciano kind of reminds me of M. And M’s songs are just so campy and theatrical; they’re begging for improvisational performances!


Disturbed’s version of the Genesis hit has all these wonderful guttural sounds and growling that would make a hysterical playback.


I think this one needs no explanation.


He’d probably never do this one because it’s too long but every time I listen to it I imagine Luciano, so… here it is in the list!


To be continued…


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