Group therapy session #2

Oopsie! This post has been sitting here for days and I forgot to finish and post it! I tend to forget everything else when the manbeast is off work for many days in a row.


I talk too much. I know that. I am egocentric. I know that too. But I try to be concise and to generalize but I tend to use personal experience to illustrate my point. Always seems best to refer to actual experience then make shit up. Seriously, when’s the last time you were attacked by a bear or had to circumvent ninjas to get to where you wanna go?

But I talk too much and it is clearly not sitting well with one of the psycho-educators because she cuts me off almost every time I talk. And she does it to others to. She doesn’t listen to us. She listens for a cue or special word and then she cuts us off and starts to say what she thinks we said in her own words and she gets it way wrong more than half the time because she isn’t listening. I think she wants to move things along and move faster but all it does is take more time because people then have to re-explain what they said.

It’s not all bad though! I actually love this experience and although I fucking hate having to be at the center every Thursday at 9:30 and that being around a dozen people is stressful for me, I am getting a lot of positive. We’re all learning about what ails us and how we can help make it easier.

This last session was more information about the various personality disorders that are anxiety disorders. Great for the others but I already have my diagnoses. Was still good to listen to others and find out, yet again, that I am so not alone!

We did one exercise where the person we were paired with had to try to obscure our vision as we tried to write “Today is the 30th of June, 2016”. It was a struggle but it was funny as hell and I laughed and laughed. You know that laughter that comes from the truest most raw place in you… the laughter that is unconstrained and doesn’t care what others think… It felt wonderful. And it earned me the compliment of having a beautiful laughter. All in all, a great second session despite Ms. Interruptor.



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