Deer and cats and the humans who love them.


A new deer has wandered into the yard! Not a real deer, dear, a metaphorical deer. The deer is a new friend, the cat is my overzealous enthusiasm and I am the helpless human observer. Now all I need to do is keep the damn door closed so the cat doesn’t spook the deer!

My heart still aches from my mind telling it that it is a stoopid bunny foo-foo sappy goofy possessed Tigger-T-Rex chimera of doom. My mind is a mean bitch. My heart is… a heart. Can I be Vulcan for a week or two? Take a vacation from emotions? Escape into pure logic? No? How about a reversible lobotomy? Just put Velcro on the bits you snip and re-attach or detach at leisure? No? Aw come on, maaaaaaaaaaaan!!! My heart is killing me over here!

What else… damnit… why is it when I sit down to write, I have a million things to say and once I start writing about the first, I forget the other 999,999 others?

I’m on a quest to find more songs like this one:
The Manbeast says it’s mid-tempo, another friend calls it jazzy dance music… But I am still no closer to finding more like it and it’s driving me mad!!!

So apparently doing yoga is cultural appropriation? So… we’re not supposed to do yoga if it’s been recommended by the doctor, because I may offend people whose culture invented yoga? Somehow I think the people who invented yoga probably hoped and wanted that as many people as possible could discover the benefits of this discipline. And I get that people doing hardcore competitive yoga in posh gyms are totally guilty of cultural appropriation because most of them probably don’t even know or care that there is a large part of yoga that happens in your mind, not in your body.

I am just so tired of people getting massively butthurt at everything and wanting the entire world to change to accommodate them. How about we just all get really offended about everything and wail all day? And I’m tired of people being unable to use nuance and judge situations individually instead of throwing pretty much everything into the “this is offensive to me” basket. There are varying degrees of cultural appropriation and I think it’s kind of pathetic and exclusionary to get offended at every instance where someone does/wears/says something that came from a culture other than their own. You can tell when someone is being ignorant or disrespectful for your culture and when they’re just embracing something they think is beautiful. If someone takes from your culture, wouldn’t it make more sense to talk to that person about the culture behind the item, words or action? And again, let’s use common sense here! Sometimes it IS malicious and abusive cultural appropriation (like wearing red face paint and a squaw costume for Halloween for example). But so many times it is not. It may be a faux pas but it is not meant to disrespect the culture from which it is borrowed.

At least, that is how I see it… But enough about that, let’s get randomier! Fuck you spellcheck, it totally is a word!

I hadn’t worn makeup since my hospitalization last December. I’ve started wearing it again. Feels good! This weekend I went on yet another quest for a concealer that I could wear alone, without foundation. I hate wearing foundation in the summer, it feels too heavy. So I went into Sephora, armed with my two or three concealer brand suggestions… came out with two lip stains, four perfume samples and a little Tarte cosmetics gift set and exactly zero concealer because the one that did look nice on me was out of stock. I went the MAC store and found concealer! One that attenuates my under eye circles without looking like an even beige spot under my eye. HUZZAH!! Except I made the mistake of trying on this awesome Pro Longwear Lipglass and received samples of really awesome products… Bought the lip glass and will definitely go back for those two products. This concealer sure looks good on my lips but man did it end up costing an arm and a leg!

And that’s all the random I have for this post… Here’s a pic of my mug to give you nightmares until my next entry.

Lips: Anastasia liquid lipstick in Sarafine and MAC Pro Longwear Lipglass in Driven By Love.

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