Anxiety Therapy Group… Session 1


Today was my first session in a 14 weeks seminar for people who suffer from anxiety. What did I take away from today’s session?

Lions are really fucking scary. Phone calls are not. You can actually die from lions but not from phone calls. Lions are therefore an acceptable source of anxiety; phone calls are not.

As I feared and suspected, I have already been labelled “the one who rambles and over-personalizes everything” so now the moment I mention anything that sounds like personal experience, they cut me off and try to wrangle me back to cold hard facts. This seems logical except for the fact that I tend to find it easier to explain things when I have examples to give. Plus, during the session they asked us for examples and they talked about how they would take notes about our own personal experience to make the group work for everyone… so it all felt a bit contradictory to me. But I’m not surprised… I do talk way too much, specially when I am anxious, and I do over-personalize stuff and I do veer slightly off topic. Mleh. I’ll have to keep working on that.

They gave us homework. I don’t like homework; feels entirely too much like homework. Anyway, I have to reflect on whether or not anxiety and panic attacks are dangerous and explain my answer. I also have to say whether anxiety has a positive function and give an example. And finally I have to give ways I have to lower or avoid anxiety and determine whether the cost to me is worth the payoff. I also have to read two one page stories that will probably… I don’t know… let’s try not to be negative and judgmental, Annie!

On the plus side I get to go buy a pretty binder to put all my documentation and homework and notes in! Weeeeeeeeeee!


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