The Title of This Entry is: Goats.


Yes yes, I know, those are deer. But the image is not about goats. This paragraph is not about goats. This paragraph is about how the image below represents how I see my husband. The father of my children. The love of my life. Most people can’t see all his colours like I can. And it amazes me that this wonderful man sticks with me through all the ups and downs of life with a chronically ill, intense artist with a handful of personality disorders. He loves me when I am a radiant ball of light and he loves me just as much when I am a broken and frightened animal. I am a lucky woman.


My daughter is an awesome cook! Tonight she made sushi and it was heavenly! And before you start sending me marriage proposals for her or offering me a hundred goats for her, I am sorry to have to inform you that she has a boyfriend. And as much as I love goats, they don’t cook.


Do you know what’s awesome about goats? Everything. And that in itself justifies the title of this entry. Goats will often be the subject of my pos… no… I will find a way of working goats into random posts for no reason just because goats are full of win and awesome!

Only thing more awesome than goats is toast. YEAH TOAST!!!!

I wish I could dance.

Would be nice to upgrade to to Premium but I guess I should see if I stick it out before I go spending money.

It’s too fucking hot today. Outside temp is 32C feels like 35C and in this room it’s 31.4C. And yes I will bloody well bitch about the cold in 6 months! I’ve never pretended I was a fan of weather!

I keep losing my internet connection and I am dizzy so I’m going to lie down and listen to music and sweat like a pig now… Wow, two entries in one day and it’s still light out!


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