Hair day and next day.

Today’s spirit animals…

Got my hair did yesterday! Looks awesome but we were going for a two tone thing and the two colours ended up being too alike. Maybe it will look more two toned as it fades. Next time I may be bolder and mix purple with mermaid blue… or whatever Jacinthe (my hair stylist) comes up with; she has a really good sense of what I like. Such a godsend! I spent years shaving my head and doing my own colour because I couldn’t find a stylist that did things I liked AND that didn’t charge $200 a haircut!


Still feeling anxious and overwhelmed. In fact, I have the shakes. Fibromyalgia is a giant pain in the ass! My left shoulder and neck hurt too. And my lower back. WHINE WHINE WHINE. MOAN MOAN MOAN! BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITCH!
My ring finger suddenly has the boogie…

I had things to say, damnit! And now here I am with a lovely blank slate of a brain… Let’s draw on it! I will draw a t-rex trying to ride a goat in the fast lane on some insane 6 lanes highway thing in some big metropolis. He’ll be wearing polka got panties, obviously. I have a facebook friend who could draw that and make it really awesome too… I’ll have to run it by her!

OK… Not gonna sit here all day, watching my fingers twitch over the keyboard. Gonna go battle some pets in Pokéwow!


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