On the first day…


Had trouble sleeping. I think it may coincide with the nights I don’t take the acetaminophen/muscle relaxant meds. Woke up groggy and anxious. Had to drive Ophelie to her doctor’s appointment. They kept us waiting for 30 minutes and then when we were in there with the doc, he didn’t even do a full exam because he was running late. Ophie needed her ears checked and she was shrugged off with a few tricks we already knew. Gotta love free healthcare and how you get exactly what you paid for.

I wanted to go look at shoes this afternoon but after the doctor’s visit, the picking up of prescriptions and the picking up of food stuffs, I was just too tired. Spent the afternoon playing World of Warcraft and starting this blog. Now I am watching Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest while I write.

I have this annoying low grade anxiety and this fidgetniness (Spell check says fidgetiness is not a word. Fuck you spell check.) (Dis I mention in my About Me that I have a potty mouth? Cuz… I do. I totally fucking do.). Anyway… I still wanna go shoe shopping. That’s not going to happen today. But I still wanna go.

Exhaustion slammed into me after dinner. An evening of listening to music on my headphones while daydreaming it is! Or should I call it eveningdreaming?

Ended up keeping this entry open all day and adding on to it as I went along. Not sure I will always do like that.

As I get ready for bed, I am still very anxious. And I have no idea what the cause might be; there probably isn’t one.

I’m in pain and I am nervous about getting my hair bleached, dyed and cut tomorrow. I hope I sleep better tonight.

Oh and if you’re wondering about Totoro up there… well he’s my spirit animal for the day: Hula Hooping Totoro.



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